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CarveWright™ Classroom Lab Package - Starter Lab

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CarveWright™ Classroom Lab Package - Starter Lab

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  • Intelligent ServoSmart™ Advanced Motion Control system is up to four times faster than stepper CNCs and allows it to maintain accurate positioning and report problems instead of crashing
  • CarveTight™ Spindle system allows the user to switch between bits quickly and easily
  • Revolutionary software makes designing simple. Drag, drop, and arrange your designs with ease
  • Included memory  card stores your project files and plugs into the CarveWright so your computer can be kept away from the sawdust—no need for a dedicated CNC computer
  • Software is compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • The onboard computer guides you through the set-up of every project
  • Machines soft and hard wood, plywood and MDF, heat-resistant plastics, and even foams
  • 1 HP, 120volt, single phase, 20,000 RPM motor
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1” or the length of the cutting flutes
  • Movement velocity: length axis: 2” per second, width axis 12” per second, up/down axis 12” per second, carving speed 6” per second, jogging speed 9.3” per second
  • Workpiece size: minimum: 1-1/2”W x ½”T x 7”L, maximum: 14-1/2”W x 5”T x 144”L (limited by weight)
  • Tiling Technique lets you splice multiple pieces together to create even larger projects
  • Five feedback sensors tell the machine the size and position of your workpiece for faster setups
  • The machine measures your workpiece, tells you what bit to put in, and locates all of its index points automatically
  • Pre-calculates  backlash and compensates, while senses slips and auto-corrects
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Includes CarveWright CX CNC machine, 5 Seats Project Designer PRO 3, 5 Seats Centerline Text Add-On Software, 5 Seats Conforming Vectors Add-On Software, Basic Cutting & Carving Bit Set, 60° V-bit, 90° V-bit, 1/4" split collet, 1/4" stop collar, dust collection hood, and 240
    grit sanding mop.