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Bada Steel Wheel Weights - MCFE - Box/25

Product Name Stock No. Price Qty
.25 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0229
Price: $13.30
.50 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0231
Price: $16.20
.75 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0233
Price: $18.70
1.00 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0235
Price: $21.40
1.25 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0237
Price: $26.25
1.50 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0239
Price: $28.75
1.75 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0241
Price: $31.50
2.00 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0243
Price: $33.25
2.25 oz. Wheel Weights 18-0245
Price: $34.25

Bada Steel Wheel Weights - MCFE - Box/25

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• Bada weights offer the benefit of environmentally friendly non-lead steel with a superior fit

• Nylon coating completely seals the weight and clip to prevent a chemical reaction from discoloration and damage to the rim surface

• MCFE: for alloy wheels on most GM, Ford & Chrysler domestic passenger cars

• FNFE: for alloy wheels on most Japanese passenger cars and light trucks, listed in grams

• PFE: for standard steel wheels for most domestic passenger cars & light trucks

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